The Kit to save all meetings

Have you ever wondered why some meetings get completely out of hand with side stories that go on for days while no great ideas seems to get heard?
If so you are in good company, 62% of respondents to this Harvard study felt that many meetings have a tendency to be both irrelevant and very time consuming.
We decided to do something about it and created a meeting kit with various origami figures.

The Tools

Has chaos reached Jerry Springer levels during a meeting? Simply wave the Flag until everyone calms down and regroups their thoughts.

The relevance giraffe is a helpful tool for acknowledging when someone has gone off topic and you feel the need to redirect the conversation back to the issues at hand. Just place it on the table and watch the magic unfold.

Do you have a great idea that doesn’t quite fit the current discussion?
Just jot it down on the Car and park it in the Garage as a later topic.

And finally the Good Point Hat gracefully rewarding good ideas without making a huge thing of it.


“The meeting Carnival toolkit really helped our team to get back on track in a smooth fashion, you should try it out today”.

Steven Peters, Roundabout Digital - Australia

“I have tested the meeting carnival toolkit and it is a real time saver. 5 stars”!

Brian Higgs, Freelance Marketing Consultant

“We tried out this kit within our developer team and found it very useful, seems super silly at first but it actually works”!

Alison Court, Goliath PR - NYC

Real world results


Our survey reported a +40% perceived efficiency bump while using the kit.


Relevant topics saw a significant 50% increase as well.


Overall perceived happiness surrounding meetings had a whooping 80% increase.

Try it out today!